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    Eppendorf µCuvette® G1.0, Microvolume measuring cell for Eppendorf BioPhotometer® and BioSpectrometer®

    The Eppendorf µCuvette G1.0 microvolume measuring cell is a high-quality cuvette made of aluminum and quartz glass. It is the perfect tool for measuring high concentrations in small volumes. With a fixed optical path length of only 1 mm, the µCuvette G1.0 features a light path that is ten times shorter than in standard cuvettes. This allows nucleic acid and protein concentrations to be measured with high reproducibility in a much higher concentration range without prior dilution.
    Due to the hydrophobic coating on the quartz glass only 1.5 µL nucleic acid or 3 µL protein sample are required for precise formation of the liquid column. Self-absorption of the µCuvette G1.0 is very low, meaning that the entire measuring range of the photometer can be used. Furthermore, 5 µL of sample solution can be used for specific fluorometric assays saving reagent.

    Metertech Visible Spectrophotometer main unit (Wavelength range:320-1100 nm)

    The SP-800 series single beam visible spectrophotometers are an affordable, easy-to use, and reliable general purpose instrument designed for laboratories and educational needs. The SP-800 series visible beam spectrophotometer comes with 2 models. The SP-830+ standalone model measures the traditional absorbance, transmittance and concentration. And the PC enabled SP-880 with enhance measurement features such as spectrum scan, time scan, kinetic, and quantitative. Both models also come with a versatile sample compartment to hold cuvettes, and tubes, of all sizes. The SP-800 series visible spectrophotometers are a compact, low-cost instrument with all the essentials for teaching and routine laboratory use.

    Stand 3860 f/6 K-Cuvettes 4071