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    A&D Balance 3200G x 0.01G

    FX-i Series Precision Balances

    The FX-i Precision scales top pan range provides a host of features in a compact, light weight package. Built on A&D’s cutting-edge sensor technology, the FX-i series is a highly robust precision balance that delivers fast and accurate weighing without any frills, offering cost-effective solutions for a diverse array of applications.


    A&D Balance 3200G x 0.01G, IP65, internal calibration, 150mm round pan

    FZ-i-WP Precision Balances Series

    The FZ-iWP Precision Balance (with internal calibration) brings laboratory performance to the rugged areas generally considered too harsh for a precision top pan balance. Fully sealed against the ingress of foreign matter, the FZ-iWP precision scale is truly ‘accident proof’.


    A&D Multi Function Platform Scale 3/6/15 kg x 0.001/0.002/0.005 kg with Small Platform, Legal for Trade

    HV-C/CP and HW-C/CP Multi-Functional Platform Scales

    High performance, multi-functional platform scale for standard industrial applications. Improve efficiency in your weighing process with fast stabilisation times and built-in LED lights for quick comparator judgments. Various capacities to select from in the HW-C range, as well as triple range capacities with the HV-C models.


    Adam Electronic balance 600g x 0.01g, pan size 120mm diameter, internal rechargeable battery, 12V DC adapter, overload protection

    Highland® Portable Precision Balances: HCB 602H

    The Highland® offers advanced features in a compact, durable balance that stacks for easy storage. Suitable for many tasks, Highland provides fast, accurate weighing in a number of different environments – from science research in the laboratory or field, to manufacturing operations.

    Sturdy ABS construction allows the Highland to stand up to demanding lab use, while Highland's ShockProtect® offers advanced overload protection to keep the balance safe. HandiCal® facilitates internal calibration without the need for external weights.


    Adam Electronic balance 600g x 0.1g, pan size 120mm diameter, 12V DC adapter, overload protection

    Core Portable Compact Balance: CQT 601

    The Core is an outstanding value, providing easy operation and a portable solution for any basic precision weighing tasks. An innovative stackable design saves space, so the Core lends itself well to science classrooms or busy labs.

    Offering precision results, Core is suitable for weighing compounds in science classrooms, samples at a field lab, ingredients in food labs and specimens at veterinary offices. The Core includes a convenient weigh-below hook, facilitating below-balance weighing for tasks requiring density and specific gravity measurements.


    Adventurer Analytical Balance 220g x 0.0001g, pan size 90mm, internal calibration


    Intuitive Balances Designed for a Variety of Needs


    Maximum Capacity 220 g

    Readability 0.1 mg

    Pan Size 3.5 in (90 mm)


    Adventurer Precision balance 5200g x 0.01g


    Intuitive Balance Designed for a Variety of Needs


    Maximum Capacity 5,200 g

    Readability 0.01 g

    Pan Size 7.7 in x 6.9 in (195 mm x 175 mm)


    Aluminium Trays 90mm x 7mm for Moisture Balance, 50 per Pack

    Compatible Models

    Moisture Analyzer MB95

    Moisture Analyzer, MB120

    Moisture Analyzer, MB23

    Moisture Analyzer, MB25

    Moisture Analyzer, MB27

    Moisture Analyzer, MB90


    Analytical Balance 220g x 0.1mg