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    Eye Wash Station Enclosed Plastic Cabinet

    MEDIQ Eyewash Station Enclosed Plastic Cabinet

    Eye Wash Station -First Eyd

    Emergency eye wash station moulded in strong high-impact PS. The directions are clearly printed on the support rack and the bottle can be filled with distilled water or other medicated liquid for ophthalmic use. Eye wash bottle SKU: 383, to be ordered separately, is made of PE provided with an eye cup with snap on cap, carefully designed to allow a quick and immediate flushing to remove foreign matters and prevent serious eye damage. The head has an air-vent valve to assure air refill of free space in the bottle thus preventing draw back of contaminated wash into the bottle. A perforated spray plate in the cup centre breaks up the stream to give the eye a gentle wash. A drain tube releases waste.

    Eyewash Saline Solution 500ml

    MEDIQ Eyewash Saline Solution 500ml

    Eyewash Station Open with Mirror

    MEDIQ Eyewash Station Open with Mirror

    Eyewash Station Saline Solution Replacement Bottle 500ml

    MEDIQ Eyewash Station Saline Solution Replacement Bottle 500ml

    Portable gravity fed eye wash unit. 35L

    Dimension (mm): 560L x 250W x 360H

    Pratt water preservative solution, 4 x250ml bottles per pack for gravity fed Eye wash unit

    Adding Water Additive to eyewash to protect against bacteria, fungus, algae, and other micro-organisms. One bottle preserves between 23-75 litres of water for up to three months.

    Sold in box of 4 bottles

    For use in PRATT Portable Gravity Fed Units SE5000 & SE5050

    Dimension (mm): Capacity - 236ml


    Pull Down Eye Wash -Bench Mounted


    Tobin wall stand Eye Wash station with 2 x 1L saline bottles

    Effective, sterile and safe eyewashes for industrial use. Tobin’s Eyewash Systems are a well proven, quick and safe way to wash chemicals from the eyes.

    Chemicals in the eye cause serious damage within 1-5 seconds. Washing that begins within a few seconds can be decisive in minimising eye damage. With Tobin an eyewash bottle can be within arms’ reach to reduce response time.

    Tobin’s bottle is made to empty under natural pressure, giving a soft flow with 6 streams of sterile saline solution. When the bottom air vent is opened a patient cannot increase the flow by squeezing the bottle.


    • Specially designed system for fast application
    • Provides soft flow
    • Gives 3 minutes of continuous flow
    • Suitable when space is a problem and/or Eye Washes are required in a number of spots in the same area
    • Includes 2 Bottles and Stand
    • 39(H) x 20(W) x 10(D) cm