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    Model Ear biological, large, 5 parts 330x150x210mm (LxWxH)

    model biological ear large 5 parts. Model Ear is beautifully coloured and is large and strong.  It consists of 5 separate parts that show the construction and operation of the human ear.   


    The parts are very robust and they locate together with steel pins that will not bend nor break.   


    Overall size is 330x150x210mm  LxWxH.    Weight:  1.4kg


    Skeleton Biological full size on stand with castors, one side with coloured muscles/ligaments, 180cm H

    model biological skeleton full size on stand with castors(170cm Skeleton, With Flexible Spine, With muscle insertion and origin, With ligament and nerves)

    Natural cast of a male adult skeleton made. On the right side of the body the bones are numbered and the articular ligaments shown on the knee, hip, elbow and shoulder. Demonstration of natural movements anatomically . Accurate. The points of origin and attachment of the most important muscles from head to foot are marked in colour on the left side of the body (origin red, attachment blue). Erect on stand with rollers .Height: 180 cm.(skeleton 169 cm.)