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    Global manufacturer of analytical instrumentation. Multi-parameter benchtop & portable meters and testers.

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    240mV Test Solution ORP, 460ml


    Alkalinity Test Kit

    Alkalinity (as CaCO3) Phenolphthalein and total acidity, Range: (0-100mg/L)(0-300mg/L) Method: titration, approx. 100 tests.

    The HI3811 is a chemical test kit that measures alkalinity by titration with hydrochloric acid. The HI3811 is supplied complete with all of the reagents and equipment necessary to perform approximately 110 tests.

    Pre-made reagents for ease of use

    All reagents marked with expiration date and lot number for traceability

    Manual titration performed with colour indicator


    Aquaculture Test Kit

    Combination test kit for aquaculture; alkalinity, CO2, hardness, dissolved oxygen, pH and salinity

    The HI3823 is a chemical test kit for the determination of six parameters commonly monitored for aquaculture testing: alkalinity, carbon dioxide, hardness, dissolved oxygen, pH, and salinity. This kit is equipped with all the necessary reagents and equipment to perform over 100 tests for each parameter. pH is obtained with Hanna‘s pHep®, pH electronic tester, which guarantees greater accuracy and a longer life than traditional litmus paper.

    Pre-made reagents for ease of use

    All reagents marked with expiration date and lot number for traceability

    Portable carrying case for easy transport


    Backpack Lab™ Water Quality Test Kit

    Backpack Lab™ Water Quality test kit; acidity (CaCO3), alkalinity (CaCO3) phenolphthalein & total, carbon dioxide (as CO2), dissolved oxygn, hardness (CaCO3), nitrate (NO3-N), phosphate (orthophosphate PO4-3)

    The HI3817BP is a Backpack Lab designed for educators and environmental science students, containing lessons, activities, and test kits that relate to important parameters in water quality. Backpack Lab is designed with all the necessary components in one place, reducing the chance of misplacing an item. Ideal for transporting, it’s easy to take this durable backpack to the fi?eld for on-site measurements. This portable kit contains well-constructed lessons and activities, and will allow the teacher to get the most out of their classroom time.

    The HI3817BP contains test kits for the determination of common parameters in water quality testing: acidity, alkalinity, carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, hardness, nitrate, and phosphate. The HI98129 Combo Tester is also included for measurement of pH, conductivity (EC), and total dissolved solids (TDS), as well as a secchi disk for monitoring turbidity.

    Laminated field test procedures

    Lab activity worksheets

    Backpack carrying case for easy transport


    Buffer Solution pH 7.01, 460ml


    CAL Check™ standards set for Free & Total Chlorine HR, 0.0 and 4.00 ppm

    The HI96734-11 Free and Total Chlorine High Range CAL Check™ Standards provide a simple solution to calibrating and validating the HI96734 chlorine portable photometer that has a 0.00 to 10.00 mg/L (ppm) free and total chlorine range. This high quality set of standards comes supplied with a certificate of analysis. The certificate of analysis provides the lot number, reference values, and expiration date for traceability when certifying the appropriate chlorine photometer.

    Calibration buffers 4.01 & 7.01 pH Value @ 25C, 10x 20ml sachets, 5 of each

    HI77400P is a set of premium quality pH 4.01 and 7.01 calibration buffer solutions. Each sachet has the lot number and expiration date stamped on it and is made of light block foil ensuring freshness each time one is opened. Hanna’s line of calibration buffers have been specially formulated to have an expiration of 5 years from the date of manufacture for an unopened sachet. The HI77400P is for 5 sachets of pH 4.01 and 5 sachets of pH 7.01 with each containing 20 mL of buffer.

    Color coded label for easy pH buffer value identification

    Accuracy of +/- 0.01 pH @ 25°C

    Temperature chart of the actual pH value at various temperatures printed on each sachet


    Checkfridge Temperature Monitor


    Cheese pH Portable Meter (HACCP)

    The Hanna Instruments HI99165 is a durable, waterproof, and portable Foodcare pH and temperature meter designed specifically for cheese analysis. Automatic calibration is performed at one or two points with two sets of buffers. All calibration and measurement readings are automatically compensated for temperature variations.

    The HI99165 uses the FC2423 stainless steel body, amplified pH electrode that offers numerous features that improve pH testing for cheese producers. The split-level LCD displays both pH and temperature readings, along with indicators for reading stability, battery percentage, and calibration instructions.

    Automatic Temperature Compensation

    Automatic Two-Point Calibration