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    Comprehensive range of electrochemical instruments & sensors

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    TPS 111225

    10ml Submersion pH

    TPS 123212

    1m cable to suit 123204 YSI 5739

    TPS 123230

    3m Cable

    TPS 123221

    3m cable for YSI DO Sensor

    TPS 123232

    5m Cable for ED1 DO2 Sensor

    TPS 123219

    5m Cable for YSI Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

    TPS 130018

    90 FL-MV Field Lab Analyser

    TPS 121135/1

    Aqua CP/A Cond/TDS-pH/Temp Meter

    TPS 122162

    Aqua-C Cond-TDS-Temp Meter

    TPS 121134

    Aqua-CP Kit, Conductivity-TDS-pH-Temp Meter

    TPS 123143/3

    Aqua-D Waterproof DO2 meter