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    Milli-Q® EQ 7000 purification system with system-mounted dispenser and HMI touchscreen

    Brand: Millipore

    High-quality Type 1 water for sensitive applications

    Compact set up

    Touchscreen display

    TOC indicator

    Agile dispensing

    SKU: ZEQ7000T0

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    To deliver reliable, high-quality scientific results, you require consistently high-quality ultrapure water. The Milli-Q® EQ 7000 ultrapure water system is designed to produce consistent ultrapure water quality [resistivity 18.2 MΩ·cm @ 25 °C; total organic carbon (TOC) ≤ 5 ppb] that can be adapted to each user’s specific application requirements. Plus, a range of intelligent design features make it effortless to dispense water as needed and where needed in the lab.

    The Type 1 water purification system that adapts to your laboratory space and science.

    Flexibility that fits your laboratory. You can choose…

    • The space-saving setup that works for you: On or under the bench, or up on the wall.
    • To system-mount or wall-mount the Q-POD® dispenser and the HMI touchscreen interface.
    • The feed water option available in your lab: Elix® electrodeionization (EDI), deionization (DI), reverse osmosis (RO), or distillation.
    • To adapt the final water quality according to your requirements with our range of Application POD-Pak final filters.

    Easy and agile Q-POD® ultrapure water dispensing

    • Select from 3 manual flow rates and one-touch volumetric dispensing.
    • NEW ‘Check & Dispense’ lights on the Q-POD® arm give you confidence that every dispense is the optimal dispense.
    • Mount the dispenser where you want it, up to 3 m from the purification unit.
    • A foot pedal option supports hands-free dispensing.

    Large (7”) and intuitive touchscreen control

    • User-friendly HMI interface simplifies system use and data access.
    • Mount the screen where you want it, up to 3 m from the purification unit.
    • Connectivity facilitates remote system monitoring and control, and data management.

    At-a-glance water quality monitoring

    • Rapid quality monitoring assures your every dispense.
    • Inline proprietary TOC indicator measures at the point of use.

    Confidence in authentic Milli-Q® quality

    • Achieve high-quality ultrapure water at predictable running costs.
    • Benefit from expert support throughout your system’s lifetime.
    • Select from a full range of services, including timesaving MyMilli-Q™ digital services

    Support for your sustainability goals

    • >10% overall energy savings vs. our previous generation system
    • 20% reduced plastic weight vs. our previous generation system
    • 25% smaller footprint vs. our previous generation system
    • 33% smaller purification cartridges vs. our previous generation system
    • Minimal water and energy consumption when not used for extended periods