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    Fume Cabinets - ducted & recirculating. Biological safety cabinets, Laminar flow & PCR cabinets, Extraction arms & vehicle exhaust, Containment (glove box) chambers, Scrubber systems, Chemical storage. Laboratory worktops, sinks, furniture & tapware. PC lab biomesh screens.

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    SAFEGUARD 800 ductless workstation with prefilter, (main filter separate)

    SafeGuard Tall Profile Ductless Workstation. Price includes GUARD

    Electronic Controller, Prefilters and Packaging. Price does not include

    Main Filter (requires 1 x 600mm filter)

    The SafeGuard™ ductless fume cupboard offers laboratories a portable, economical and environmentally friendly fume cabinet; protecting the operator from toxic gases, noxious fumes and particulates. Designed and manufactured here in Australia, the SafeGuard™ requires no ductwork and minimal installation—ideal for classroom environments and small laboratories.


    SAFEGUARD PCR 800 Fume Cabinet with HEPA

    Laboratory Systems Group’s SafeGuardPCR™ laminar flow cupboard offers a sterile environment to allow contamination-free manipulation of cultures and samples. The SafeGuardPCR™ features a compact design that can provide laboratories the space to safely examine DNA and RNA without the risk of cross-contamination. A controlled, ISO Class 5 environment is achieved using the SafeGuardPCR™. Air from the exterior is delivered into the unit through a prefilter and further cleaned using a H14 HEPA filter.

    The SafeGuardPCR™ is designed and manufactured here in Australia, and includes shelving, cord ports and UV lighting as standard. To ensure proper maintenance, a low airflow and filter replacement alarm signal the user when necessary.