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    Clean room chemicals

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    Ecolab Asepti Advantage Liquid 5L, pk 2

    CRG 5883

    Hexifoam Hand Cream, 12 per Carton

    CRG 3088790

    Klercide 70/30 Sterile IPA, 6x1L spray bottles

    CRG 3036230 (KCS3001)

    Klercide Isolater Cleaning Tool

    A special autoclavable tool designed to take sterile disposable covers (CRG 3038210), which aids the cleaning of isolators and laminar flow cabinets.

    The two part construction allows it to be easily passed through transfer hatches, and re-assembled. The tool is lightweight to aid reaching the rear of the cabinet and an extension handle is available for increased reach, especially for large or half suit isolators.

    The specially shaped head ensures all areas of the Isolator, even difficult back corners can be cleaned, reducing the risk of contaminants remaining.

    Once assembled the reach is approximately 600mm. A 300mm extension handle is available for larger cabinets or half suit isolators.