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    Range of high quality glassware including pipetts, volumetric flasks, measuring cyclinders, burettes for clinical and research laboratories.

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    BRR 93523

    100ml Flat Bottom Flask

    BRR 708744

    100ul Disposable Pipettes, 1000 Per Pack

    BRR 4720-150

    2.5-25ml Seripettor Dispenser

    BRR 4760151

    25ML Digital Burette

    BRR 139110

    25ml PP Scoops (12 pk)

    BRR 732012

    50-1000µl Blue Pipette Tips, 1000 Per Pack

    BRR 703459

    60ml Reservoir with lid sterile, Pack 10

    BRR 702398

    Adapter 25 & 50ml PD Tips n/st, 10 Per Pack

    BRR 705025

    Battery Pack NiMH for HandyStep Electronic

    BRR 4630-151

    Brand Organic -2.5-25ml Analogue/Safety Prime

    BRR 759240

    Caps for UV Cuvette Micro Blue, 1000 Per Pack